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Basketball Court PVC

These Basketball Court PVC have been specifically designed to last long. The PVC coating provided is highly resistant to any kind of damage. These are ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor courts. Standard dimensions of the floor are made available readily. However, customization as per client specification is also possible. The surface of the floor is capable absorbing shocks so as to prevent players from suffering from any kind of injuries.

Features of Basketball Court PVC:

  • Durable
  • Wear resistant
  • Shock absorbent
  • PVC Coating on the floor
  • Both standard dimensions and customized sizes made available

Specificationsof Basketball Court PVC:

Use Temperature -50 to 120 °C
Slide :non-slip
UV No   fade and abrasion in 12 years
Electrical conduct Anti-static
Color By color card
Load-Capacity 120kg/m2
Size 304.8×101.6×18mm
Oil Good oil   resistance
Weight 140g/piece

Basketball Court Surface Floor Coating

The Basketball Court Surface Floor Coating on the floor is provided to protect it from wear and tear and enhance the durability of the court floor. Standard materials that comply with the international standards have been used in the coating to ensure best possible results. The coating provides a smooth yet non-slippery surface to the court floor.


  • Makes the floor highly wear resistant
  • Enhances durability
  • Results in a smooth,. On-slippery surface
  • Standard materials used
  • Enhanced shock absorbing capacity

Model number Type Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(g)
SGLH-01 Net surface 250*250 13mm 235
SGLH-02 Flat surface 250*250 13mm 240
SGLH-03 Net surface 304.8*304.8 13mm 300
SGLH-04 Flat surface 304.8*304.8 13mm 300

Basketball Court

Our Basketball Court have been specifically designed to provide maximum safety and comfort to the players. The surface of these courts are highly shock absorbent and do not leave any adverse affect on knees, feet and ankles of the players, thus helping them maintain their well being. We make them available in both standard as well as customized dimensions.Basketball Court surface is 28m long and 15m wide. There should be no obstacle within 7m over the court. Obstacle free zone shoasketball Courtuld be no less than 2-3 m around the court so as not to affect the moving of the basketball or have any accident.


  • Shock absorbent surface
  • No adverse effect on players' bodies
  • Wear resistant


  • Color of the boundary line: White
  • Width: 5 cm

Other information:
Length(m) Width(m) Area(m2)
28 15 420
28.0+{ 2.0 ( buffer ) * 2}= 32 15.0+{ 2.0 ( buffer ) * 2} =19 608

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